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  1. Is this a good price for a used PS90 ?

    FN PS90
    Hi, new to this forum, but have navigated this site many times. Thought I would ask the community. My friend's neighbor is asking $1800 for his used PS90, 10" barrel with fake silencer, 2nd gen trigger pack, soft case, lock and original box. No mags included. Is this a decent price for this...
  2. current prices for PS90

    FN PS90
    I just couldn't believe myself two weeks ago - I walked into my LGS and saw nothing on the wall, except for a PS90. I've always wanted one. Given that cheap AKs were going for $1,500 locally, I was surprised to see the PS90 priced at $1,999. I bought it. The LGS also ordered 5 clips for me...