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  1. Military Arms channel review of the 4-14 and PACX4 ACSS

    Optics, Mounts, Sights
    https://www.primaryarms.com/Primary_Arms_4X_Compact_Prism_Scope_p/pac4x.htm Dimitri
  2. Primary Arms 1-6x Initial Impressions and Review

    Optics, Mounts, Sights
    Primary Arms 1-6x Scope First Impressions Since I am an early adopter and there are no reviews out yet, I thought I’d be the first one to review the Primary Arms 1-6x scope. Disclaimer: This is my first low powered variable scope, so take that for what it’s worth. That said, I have been...
  3. New FS2000 Owner

    FN FS2000
    Proud new owner of a Black tactical FS2000 as of yesterday after somewhat of an impulse buy. I have always loved them and appreciated the engineering but have never really thought about buying a $2000+ rifle. Anyways last Sunday I was killing time on forums and found out about the military...