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  1. That's it for me! No more FN!

    FN FNX
    So I bought a FNX-45 and FNX-45 tactical. I wanted to have a carry gun that was almost identical to my competition gun. It was either between the FNX or the HK45 tactical and HK45c tactical. I chose FN because of the features which it came with (such as the milled slide, suppressor sights and 15...
  2. SCAR 17 butt stock disassembly problem, need help.

    FN SCAR 17S
    Hey guys a buddy of mine was disassembling his butt stock on his scar 16, and this part came off. I have no clue ware this part belongs or how to reinstall it. I could not find this part on a detailed schematic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving. "Here is the part, it...
  3. FNP 45 Decocker Only Questions

    FN FNP
    I am new to this forum and FN so please forgive me if this is over asked or anything. Just looking around online for some good ol' 45's and i found the FNP 45 online and was impressed. Good things were said about it and when i found what I thought was a good price for it (580 NIB w/ 3 mags and...
  4. Questions about issues with FNX serieis

    FN FNX
    Hey all, I am new to the FN Forum. So far I really would like to purchase an FNX-9 or FNX-45, I'm stuck as to which. I plan on waiting on a purchase to see if I can get a better deal at a gun show at the end of September. I noticed on a thread from 2011 that if the FNX-40 was left in the sun for...
  5. Thinking about fnx40... but not sure

    FN FNX
    I'm really thinking about getting a fnx 40. I really like the design and the feel of the gun but I've read so much negative that it's leading me away from it. This will be my first handgun and i really don't want to buy a pos. I understand the reputation that fnh has as a military firearms...
  6. Scar 17S with machine markings in lower receiver WTF????

    FN SCAR 17S
    I just got my NIB Scar 17S. I go to disassemble it and found what looks like machine markings that have ground down a portion of the magazine well including the pin. Is this normal and if so does anyone know why it's like that? Also, my rear sight has zero positive locking when flipping the...
  7. Newbie’s Guide to Trouble Free Ownership of the FNS

    FN FNP
    Newbie’s Guide to Trouble Free Ownership of the FNS 1. Check the contents of the storage case (P.3). 2. Read the owner’s manual…. 3. Initial Cleaning of Pistol (P.15, 31-37). 4. Mark magazines in order to tell them apart. 5. Pull slide back & lock, leave open for one week. 6. Load magazines...
  8. New owner with a few questions

    FN PS90
    Hi guys, first post. I just got a PS90 last week and took it to the range for the first time yesterday and I had some questions for some more experienced users. I ran into a problem about 80 rds through the gun where it started jamming. I noticed that if I ever set the gun down and something...