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  1. 5.7x28mm Ammunition
    I have the FN 5.7 and PS90. Like many, I've sought out the 'best' ammo and have 5 or 6 boxes of Elite ammo (as tested by Buffman) and 100s each of the everyday practice FN 195LF, 197SR, + the 198LF (green tip) rounds. My concern is that I like to have the 5.7 loaded with Elite T6-B or S4M...
  2. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Don't over pay for a non chrome lined barrel to put on your SBR project! Buy this barrel from me and get it chopped! Lets face it: if you have a SBR or make one chances of you selling it is slim to none. Why not put a barrel that you most likely never shoot out so it will last a lifetime? This...
  3. FN PS90
    Like the title says /\... So I've been for a while looking to join the PS90 club for some time. I've had a FS2000 since 2010 and a SCAR 17 since 2011, so I figured I'd go for the FN's triple crown. After a handful of scamming responses from here and other resources, I finally nailed what I think...
  4. Welcome
    Hi everyone, newbe from Phoenix area. Just got my PS90 and am looking to gain knowledge and get inspiration. And any tips out there on best place to find ammo. Happy to be here.
  5. FN PS90
    For people that can only fire semiauto ps90, how is the stock trigger? Is it god awful and only meant for burst or full auto or is it fine. I’ve never shot one, It looks like it will be kind of difficult to shoot semiauto like say like an ar. Also given that bullpups are known for lesser than...
  6. Want to Buy
    Been looking for one of these high and low. Does anyone know of a suitable replacement or have any they want to sell. Ive been building a EFFEN90 and am missing two snap rings at this point. Will pay 50$ for a set of two. Paypal,venmo,cashapp,etc. Has anyone found suitable replacements? Cheers.
  7. FN PS90
    Finally able to find a PS90 below MSRP! My LGS had one come in and I hopped on it at the price they had! Very happy. Ran some rounds through it and filed the Form 1. Now to find a barrel so I can swap it in once approved. They had some 50 round mags also so I picked up a few.
  8. Want to Buy
    Sup guys, Looking for a PS-90 in good shape, for a good home. Thx.
  9. FN PS90
    Check them out below! https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/ps90mag5pk
  10. Want to Buy
    Hello I am looking to buy a few of the AMP Engineering Triggers. Please PM if available.
  11. FN PS90
    Hello, I recently acquired an OD green PS90 with factory black ring sight and immediately stamped it. Stamp was approved a few days ago, and I'm trying to remove the barrel, but it is absolutely ****ing seized. I've removed the blind pin I've thinned a 15mm wrench The upper is in a vice I am...
  12. FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    Design Machine has released three new products this month! Three different sling mounts for everyone that has been looking for a good sling system! The "Cigar Cutter" sling mount, which attaches to the front of the barrel, allowing for maneuverability and the solution to several mounting...
  13. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    I have a few requests for the P90 armorers manual (157 pages) which I made up a couple of copies if anybody is interested. I can send it to you Priority Mail for $46 including postage in Conus from Miami,Fl.
  14. FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    Vortex recently released a new magnifier much smaller in size than their original version, which we use for our 3x Optic Flipper. Vortex has ironically named this new magnifier the "Micro". The new micro has an overall length of just 2.9" vs the 4.3" of the original magnifier. The field of view...
  15. FN PS90 Photo Section
    Over a year from purchase to SBR and Suppressor stamps I have assembled the TEAM FN. Oh GOD they are fun.
  16. FN PS90
    Finally got my stamp back for an EFFEN90 receiver I purchased in October. I did not strip a regular rifle to assemble it, but put it together with parts from MGW and had the take off barrel from my other PS90 (which I replaced with a CMMG) cut down and threaded by Tros. I think it turned out...
  17. FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    A customer recently sent us their ARD to try to make compatible with one of our MRO mounts. At first we could not find a way to do it. However once we realized we could separate the ARD from the flip cap cover, we found a way. Unfortunately you can't use the flip cover on the ARD, but you can...
  18. Design Machine
    Recently I've created a Patreon page and made a post showing picture details of what it takes for us to go from prototype to finished product. You'll be able to see where we start and the work that goes into each and every product we produce. Thought some may think it would be interesting...
  19. FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    Just finished our new mount for the Aimpoint Acro loaned to us by a generous customer of ours! We decided to make two versions of the mount, one as low as can be, to stick to what we're famous for. And another roughly 100 thousandths higher to work with our FX3 3X Optic Flipper. Let us know what...
1-19 of 125 Results