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  1. WTB: SCAR 17S Take-Off Parts (almost any parts welcome!)

    Want to Buy
    I'm hoping that there are some of you who have upgraded your SCAR 17S and have your take-off parts sitting in a box, unused, collecting dust for the rest of time. I'm going to try for a custom build project for fun for which I will want to get a set of take-off parts if available without...
  2. WTB FNX-9 Steel Safety/Decocker Replacement Part

    Want to Buy
    WTB FNX-9 Steel Safety/Decocker Replacement Part, I understand Jathtech isn't making them anymore. Anyone who has one to sell, or who can point me in the direction of someone who does, will be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. WTB: SCAR Hinge Plate

    Want to Buy
    Looking for either a new, or like new hinge plate in FDE. If anyone has one for sale I will take it, or knows of a vendor that sells just the plate itself not entire stock I would appreciate any info. Thanks
  4. FS2000 Barrel Longivity

    FN FS2000
    FS2000 Barrel Longevity There is a new, unfired FS2000 barrel on offer for $800. It has had the original FN flash hider removed and a YHM QD style flash hider installed. Reading the historical forums I see that Sgt. Stryker offered one at the end of 2012 for $575. I've collected Sgt...
  5. FS2000 Barrel replacement Canada

    FN FS2000 Accessories & Mods
    Hi, I am a new Fs2000 owner, living in Canada, where it is classed as a restricted firearm, because the barrel length is under 18.5" long. I would like to install a replacement barrel of 18.5" but I am having problems sourcing the correct part and a knowledgeable gunsmith. HDD don't have stock...