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  1. Customer Feedback - Design Machine

    Design Machine
    Please include any feedback about my products, experience, customer service etc. If there is anything I could do better or do well I'd appreciate the info. Thanks! Sam/Duane, Design Machine.
  2. AAR: SRT Advanced Pistol/Rifle Class Ft. Scott, KS 13JUN15

    Tactics Corner
    Wasn't sure where to put this, but figured this was the best spot. Specialist Research and Training This was my third class with Bill Regina's SRT, and thus far all of them have been excellent. Going into this, Bill told us that it would be a small class, and he wasn't wrong. We ended up...
  3. Five star review of FNS-9c on The Truth About Guns

    FN FNS
    I found this linked from FNH USA's Facebook page. Robert Farago has a ton of great things to say about the FNS-9c. Gun Review: FNS-9 Compact 9mm Handgun - The Truth About Guns A pull quote from the review:
  4. Hickok45 FS2000 Video June 16, 2013

    FN FS2000
    I enjoy Hickok45's videos and just saw his FS2000 review posted June 16, 2013. He tries to not like it since he's not big on bullpups but can't get there. One thing interesting, when he field strips it you can see the front face of the hammer for a moment and it looks like it has been...
  5. Has anyone had a pleasent dealing with knesekguns recently?

    Freestyle Room
    I recently placed an order on a scar 16s prior to doing any research on the company. Foolish on my part I know and thus far I've seen nothing but negative reviews making me strongly consider attempting to cancel my order but still unsure any input I'd appreciate thanks.
  6. Review of the FNS 40

    FN FNS
    I came across this review of the new FNS and thought I would share. It's long, but not too long. Enjoy, LOCK N LOAD