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  1. Just got my form 1 approved. Quick question.

    SBR, Suppressors and NFA Items
    Hey guys, just got my form 1 approved for a SBR lower. I e-filed it via my local ffl and was surprised to see the stamp sitting in my inbox just 3 months later. I wanted to ask the e-filers how they keep their stamped document. Is printing it out fine? I know when you paper file it you get back...
  2. WTB: P90 flash hider, 10" barrel

    Want to Buy
    I've got my Form 1 approved and am looking for a barrel (FN, CMMG, or HDD) and flash hider (FN or at least FN style, not a bird cage). Let me know what you've got!
  3. *WTS* Ps90 Barrel

    FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Up for grabs is my Ps90 bbl from recent SBR conversion. Removed by drilling the blind pin out, can be cut down for your SBR conversion. Probably 200 rounds through it, if even that. selling for $500 obo post ITT or PM me.
  4. My finish peeled off! What to do?

    FN PS90
    My PS-90 is undergoing the process for a SBR conversion, and I've already had my name and city/state engraved by Ident Marking Services about 6 months ago or more. Waiting on my Form 1; it should come in in the next 1-2 months. Since then, I've been shooting it with the factory length barrel...
  5. Is a 10.3" barrel ok to suppress?

    SBR, Suppressors and NFA Items
    Hey guys I had a problem that came up when in the process of putting togther my sbr build. I originally wanted a dd mk18 upper. However, after speaking to a few people I am wondering whether I should go for the dd mk18 which has a 10.3" barrel, or buy a 10.5" mk18 upper buy another...
  6. SBR procedure question

    SBR, Suppressors and NFA Items
    so with my new 17 comes new projects!!! in regards to the topic of the SBR, i want to make sure i abide by the law so my question is this, is it perfectly legal to own the barrel, while waiting for the ATF to approve the paper work? of course the barrel would not be installed until approval...
  7. P90 factory flash hider, where to find?

    FN PS90 Accessories & Mods
    Hi all, my PS90 is getting registered and chopped to a SBR. I want a factory FH but no luck. Suggestions, ideas, help???
  8. Daniel Defense MK18 10.3 upper

    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    I have a hard-to-find BNIB MK18 upper ...old style without all the BS "NASCAR" logos painted all over the upper receiver. It comes complete with DD M16 BCG and charging handle. I had plans to put together a high end FDE AR pistol but have decided to build a tactical bolt gun instead. Paid $999...