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  1. Want to Buy
    Hello All! Building a SCAR. In am in need of a back plate. I know they are almost impossible to find right now. But if you are selling one or know where to find one please contact me! Thank you!
  2. FN Guns and FN Items For Trade
    Up for sale is 6 Thermold .308 20 round magazines for a Scar 17S. The mags have not been used. $25 each or $130 for all 6 Shipping is free if you buy all 6 or $5 if purchase separately
    $130 USD
  3. Black Rifle Room
    I've liked the Tavor since the Call of Duty MW2 days. I thought they were... different, so maybe I wouldn't actually like it once I handled one. The opposite was true. I love the feel of it. So, I have just one 556 AR and one 308 gun - a SCAR17. I've started to grow very fond of the 308 round. I...
  4. For Sale KDG Scar Stock

    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    Stock is Brand new just didn’t like the feel. 240 or OBO. PayPal is preferred
    $240 USD
  5. FN SCAR 17S
    Hello all. I'm new to the platform just always wanted a 17. So when I found a slightly used specimen for a good deal I puller the trigger (no pun intended). I performed a super scar swap on the trigger, made my way to the range to zero and had a ball. I then decided to break the gun...
  6. FN SCAR 17S
    Hello, Just adding more to my SCAR encyclopedia of differences between models (here's the first one: Mk1 vs. Mk2 Minor Barrel Differences) Some weeks ago I bought some new OEM 7.62 mags, and upon removal from the packaging, I noticed they were different than the mags I had gotten previously...
  7. FN Guns and FN Items For Trade
    I have a very low-round (less than 80) barrel that was just chopped to 12” and rethreaded by Ecco Machine and Fab. I’m looking to potentially trade it for a new or very lightly used 16” barrel as it’s looking like my plans have done about a complete 180. Feel free to message me on here or email...
  8. FN SCAR 17S
    Looking to replace my scar 17 lower, preferably a complete receiver. I can't seem to find them in stock anywhere. I would prefer a factory oem receiver but at this point will take any completed lower. If you own one or know where i can snag one let me know. Thanks in advance.
  9. FN SCAR 17S
    I'm just wanting to know if anyone has put a thermal on their scar and if so which one. ive looked at all of the expensive optics, trijicon mk3/mk2, thor and even armasight, i just cant find ones that say 100% that its "scar rated." I don't really have a budget just whatever will handle the scar.
  10. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    sold 3/20/21, SPF - will remove when final. I love my SCAR 17 (S), but ready for another project. Like new with about 50 rounds through it. Rifle only with original box $3500, total package $4000 - including scope, sling, magazines, extended fore end and ammo. I’m in no hurry to sell and not...
  11. FN SCAR 17S
    Hi there! I'ld like to know scar 17's mags dimensions (7.62 x 51). Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot! FM
  12. FN SCAR 17S
    I have a local shop with two Scar 17s in Western Viper ($3,300) and a used Scar 17 fully decked out (4K). It has a KDG fore grip, cut and pinned barrel, Geissele trigger, qd mounts and a few more extras. It has also been shot suppressed a decent amount. The guy bought the rifle from that shop...
  13. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Hello! I'm doing a bit of cleaning out of the safe and I've decided to sell my SCAR 17S. Roughly 60 rounds have been put through it, and it functions perfectly! The rifle comes with 7 FN black 20-round SCAR 17 mags, a Caldwell 6-9in adjustable bipod and two Magpul foregrips. Please text if...
  14. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Brand New Geissele Super Scar Triggers for Sale. I have a few triggers available for sale, New in Box, 2021 Production $300 shipped each from Illinois.
  15. FN SCAR 17S
    So I’m not sure if it this belongs here but this seemed like the most fitting for this question. Why are accessories and parts not any cheaper then they were first building them? And why doesn’t another company specifically manufacture different scar parts and receivers upper/lower and stuff...
  16. FN SCAR 17S
    Does the SCAR 17 actually exist? Okay, so bear with me for a moment. The "17S" is the designation for the commercial semi automatic offering of the SCAR. The "MK 17" is exclusive to one military while the "SCAR-H" is the standard military model. But is there anything with the designation "SCAR...
  17. FN SCAR 17S
    I looked for this in other threads but I couldn’t find anything, so please forgive this if it’s a redundant post. I am a relatively new owner of a SCAR 17 (about 200 rounds through it at this point) and it’s an amazing gun. I’ve never had any issues with it whatsoever until my suppressor got out...
  18. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Listing -https://www.armslist.com/posts/12304823/cincinnati-ohio-gun-parts-for-sale--fnh-scar-16s-17s-black-buttstock-module
1-19 of 101 Results