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  1. WTB Surefire FA762SV/ FA762SV-SCAR Suppressor

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    Want To Buy SureFire FA762SV / FA762SV-SCAR Suppressor Phone # 912-253-1868
  2. Mount recommendations for SCAR 20S

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    Good afternoon. Would appreciate some mount recommendations for the 20S I have on order. Optic is a S&B PMII 3-20x50, which I think is a good magnification selection for a 308 with a probable useful range (for me) of 500m. I'd especially like to know what ring height people have found a good...
  3. Offering SCAR 20S LIMITED EDITION Number 127 with 10 Extra Mags

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    Having come to the hard facts that I am unable to handle this magnificent rifle, offering it with a dozen FDA mags (six 20 rounders and six 10 rounders) NIB in Phoenix, Arizona for $6,834.00. NIB means never fired, no optics ever mounted and never cleaned--just as it arrived from the factory...