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  1. Like Brand New Scar 17s FDE for sale! Free Shipping

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    Hello fellow gun enthusiast, I am selling a like Brand new FDE FNH Scar 17s, the rifle has 2 rounds through it from sighting in, other than that it has been in the safe. I have sold a few rifles here and had nothing but great positives transactions. The price is $2,870 with free shipping to the...
  2. CAUTION - Possible Scam - CAUTION

    FN SCAR 17S
    Found the site "outdoorsmanschoice.com" They had a listing and are taking online orders for SCAR Mags at $37 each. Only payment they seem to accept is check, money order or paypal. (Flag #1) The address they give is a UPS Store" (Flag #2). The folks at the UPS store don't know the name. (Flag...