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  1. SBR, Suppressors and NFA Items
    First stamp finally came in....... SilencerCo Omega (7 months total with a form 3 and 4 transfer). The SilencerShop Direct was super easy/cheaper and the FFL I picked it up from talked about how much of a plus it was for them. I got a chance to shoot it on both the Scar 17 and Ruger .300 blk...
  2. Silencer Shop
    For 48 hours starting on Monday 8/18 we will be running a special sale on the SilencerCo Salvo 12. This sale is definitely going to be a great deal! Details will be posted on Monday. The ATF has just approved forms to us so they are ready to go. The Salvo 12 is choke attach and SilencerCo is...
  3. Silencer Shop
    I got some hands on time with the Salvo 12 and I am super impressed. When you look at pictures and see the weight you think it is really big, but when it is on the gun it is very manageable. It uses a choke adapter to fit on the end of the gun and the kit comes with 3 different chokes in full...
1-3 of 3 Results