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  1. FN FNS
    Hello everyone, Made a stupid error when refitting the slide an a FNS-9 and was hoping someone here has some advice. I accidentally reinserted the magazine whilst the slide was removed and forgot to remove the magazine before attempting to reattach the slide. Now the barrel will not correctly...
  2. FN FNS
    My FNS-9 had problems last time I was on the range. Inserted mag, pulled the slide back, first round hung up and wouldn't go into battery, which lead to an overall jammed situation. Eventually, was able to pull the mag out and clear it. Tried another magazine. First round went into battery, but...
  3. Want to Buy
    Wanting to BUY an FNX 45 Tactical Slide, in Black preferably but FDE will work too. I just bought an FNX 45 an I'm wanting the FNX 45 Tactical Slide for the Raised Iron Sights an to mount a Red dot. ~~~ I want to buy one ALL Cash Thanks, T
  4. FN FNP
    I have done quite a bit of searching, but haven't found any posts discussing this before. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for keeping the RMR from getting cleaning solution on it while cleaning the FNP 45 Tactical's slide. According to the manual, gun cleaning solutions can ruin...
  5. FN FNX
    I've searched far and wide for the answer to the slide stop discrepancies, but I've come up short every time... I've handled the FDE model and the stop seemed extremely easy to disengage. Although, I've had issues disengaging the stop on the black model. I've noticed that on the black model...
1-5 of 5 Results