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  1. FN SLP MK1 SLP Tactical Buttstock Accessory Kit

    FN Shotguns
    WTB: FN SLP MK1 SLP Tactical Buttstock Accessory Kit Is there any way to find the pistol grip fro SLP MK1? Searched and searched and searched to no avail...
  2. Less for your money these days from FNH SLP !!

    FN Shotguns
    FNH is cutting corners in the production room and not letting the customers know about it. In the past 3 months FN no longer includes two interchangeable gas pistons with the SLP line of shotguns. No red piston for light loads...no black piston for heavy loads. Now they just include a Gold...
  3. FN SLP Accessories

    FN Shotguns
    What's available? Where is eveyone getting their stuff? Looking for: Tri-rail tube cover light & mount to go on tri-rail (i have a surefire G2, just need a tape switch actually) side saddle sling red-dot that will co-witness