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super scar

  1. Geissele trigger making contact with Scar hammer

    FN SCAR 16S
    Good evening this is my first post here so pls bare with me if this has been asked before. I just had a Geissele Super Scar trigger installed in my 16s and I noticed that now my bolt carrier is making contact with the hammer (which it did not do previously). It is only make slight contact for...
  2. Flat trigger Super Scar feeler

    SCAR Accessories, Scopes & Mods
    Emailed Geissele today about a possibility of a Super Scar variant with a flat trigger bow like the Super Dynamic ar triggers. The only problem, they would need enough interest in order to make a new cast for it to be even worth it for them. Would anyone be interested in a flat Super Scar? Super...