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  1. FN FNX
    I have the FNX .45 Tactical with the SUREFIRE XC2 light attachment. I'm also planning on purchasing an RMR for it as well. For the life of me I can not seem to find a holster that can accommodate the XC2. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
  2. FN FNX
    Are the fn factories still producing firearms like normal? I been trying to buy a fnx 45 tactical slide assembly for like 6 months and nobody has them. I’m not sure if everyone is just buying them all up or they aren’t selling them in parts like that. Thanks
  3. FN FNX
    I have about 250 rounds through this guy and it shoots well. Decent accuracy and mild to shoot but a couple things that aren't great. 1) Trigger is OK but that huge take up in single action and then a swishy release not desirable, can't wait for a mod or correction. 2) I adjusted the windage...
1-3 of 3 Results