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  1. Will the Scar-17 break my thermal sight?

    FN SCAR 17S
    So I just purchased a CNVD-T / PAS SU-232 and I want to use it on my scar 17, but I'm scared ****less that the scar is gonna brick it. I read that it's .50 cal rated, but I've also read so much conjecture about Scar 17s destroying night vision equipment and electronics with its voodoo, whether...
  2. New owner, Scope and aftermarket accessories recommendations

    FN SCAR 17S
    :th_sign0144:Hey guys, so I have been reading through the forums for a few months now and finally decided to get a SCAR 17s for myself, found a local private party deal for some other guns with it but I paid around $2800 for an FDE 17s with the all the stock parts, 2 magazines, and a NIB...
  3. Night Vision and Thermal Set-up

    Freestyle Room
    Hey everyone. I am finally committing to breaking the bank on nods and thermal set-up. I am looking to maximize my investment by having a versatile set-up. I know there are compromises to be made by not having dedicated systems, but I am working with a budget. I am approaching this from a...