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  1. FN 509
    Hey so I wound up with a FN509c and it has a 4 inch barrel it protrudes 0.35 inches out of the slide when the slides locked up, and it's 4.09 inches total.. I know they come with 3.7 inch non threaded barrels that makes nine like 0.37 inches longer. You guys think I can thread this thing?
  2. Want to Buy
    looking for a threaded barrel for my FNX 45. I have funds aside if you have a barrel you can part with or I can do a partial trade with cash and regular barrel
  3. FN FNX
    Are there other threaded barrel options for an FNX-9 besides the EFK Fire Dragon barrel? I know those are supposed to be high quality barrels but they're so expensive comparatively. I'm just curious about other options for the FNX-9 for a threaded barrel. Even the FNX-45 Threaded barrel is...
  4. FN Five-seveN Accessories
    Hello, I'm looking for a drop in threaded barrel & I'm looking for any and all feedback to point me in the direction of the best Threaded Barrel for my FN5.7 MKII. Please feel free to share your experiences, both good and bad, regarding this issue!!!! Thanks in advance for everyone's...
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a threaded barrel and adapter for my sparrow can and 5.7 pistol. Anyone Have one to sell at a reasonable price ? Thanks
  6. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    MGW is currently sold out of these. It is BRAND NEW. Only selling because Gov. CuHOMO says I am not allowed to use it. I live in NY but item is located in my office which is in NJ. Will ship same day as payment. MGW asks $189 + $12 SHIPPED...when they are in stock... I AM ASKING $195 SHIPPED...
  7. Want to Buy
    I am looking to buy a Five Seven Threaded Barrel! i am having a very Difficult time finding one!! ! everywhere i looked is either out of stock, not making them or a 6+ Month wait.. some one please help!!! please email me: [email protected]
  8. New Member Introductions
    hello from Lawrenceville GA. We are Ft Daniel and we currently worked on a PS 90. Just wanted to get an opinion on the work. Thanks guys
1-8 of 10 Results