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  1. SCAR Accessories, Scopes & Mods
    Going to be installing the Timney in may SCAR17, Ive read that the metal plate is used as a buffer so the set screws dont deform the polymer lower. I have a Stryker SEAL aluminum lower, do I still need to install this plate? Or is there no harm in not putting it in. TIA
  2. FN Bolt Action Rifles
    Hello all, I've got an A5 and I've put about 300 rds through it, I'm very very impressed with the guns accuracy but I definitely would like to either adjust or replace the trigger. I read a little into adjusting the factory trigger and people scared me off with warnings of slam fires on anything...
  3. SCAR Accessories, Scopes & Mods
    Totally new to this forum so please forgive any errors in decorum. I have Timney triggers in both my Scar 16 & 17. I recently had my Surefire cans released from NFA prison. The 17 has a muzzle brake and the 16 has a flash hider. Based on some other posts I rotated the gas regulator to the 10...
  4. FN SCAR 17S
    Hi All, I just wanted to give a positive shout out to my new Timney trigger for my also new SCAR 17S. After seeing how much fun guys on YouTube were having with their SCARs, and not having a "plinking" .308, I decided to purchase a SCAR 17S. The one disappointment I found upon receiving the...
1-4 of 4 Results