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  1. FN PS90
    Found a local ps90 tri-rail for $1280 out the door. Is this a good deal? gun is black, never been fired, does not come with box.
  2. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    FS2000 Tactical for sale. Tri-rail, Urban ERT sling, and enhanced charging handle come with rifle. 2200.00 from Reno, NV to your FFL.
  3. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a mint FN FS2000 Tri-Rail. I'm located in Austin, TX. Let me know what you have and how much. Sean.
  4. FN FS2000 Accessories & Mods
    Why the hell is it so damn hard to take off and put on the upper receiver/upper assembly of the weapon system now because of this..........!? I thought I had gotten a bad make of the model but, apparently it is supposed to be like this. Is there anything that anyone has done to make the ease of...
  5. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a Judochop (I know the maker is out) from perhaps someone who is selling their FS2000 or bought one without a FS2000. Also, I'm looking for a second "standard" forend to try one of the flashlight style mods AND a Tri-Rail forend to give one a try. Next on the list is the hood...
1-5 of 6 Results