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  1. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    For sale, 2x OEM FN SCAR 17s trigger groups. The parts you see are the parts you get. Parts are brand new. 100 per trigger group, price firm. You can find these priced at 223 online. Location, Sierra Vista.
  2. Want to Buy
    Need some replacement parts, looking for a Gen 3 or Gen 4 trigger pack/hammer pack. Gen 3 is preferred as that's what is currently in the gun, but Gen 4 will work. Thanks!
  3. Want to Buy
    Looking for a replacement hammer pack due to broken parts in mine. I have a Gen 3 pack, but mine is broken, and I am only looking for a replacement, so a Gen 3 or 4 would be ideal. I don't care about the rarity of Gen 1 or 2, and I definitely don't want to pay $800 or $900 for one. Someone...
  4. Want to Buy
    Title says it all. Looking for the plain jane non-magical Gen 2 Hammer Pack for the FS2000. Used or New is fine with me! Feel free to PM me.
  5. FN Guns and FN items For Sale
    Hello, I'm selling my new, never fired PS90 generation 1 hammer pack. I'm located in Portland, OR. $625 shipped via tracked package service. I will accept a money order, Paypal or cashier's check. I will accept a personal check but won't ship until it clears after 10 days. PM me with...
  6. Want to Buy
    I am looking for all Spare parts for my PS90 - in case there ever is an issue (it is always great to have spares) I would really like a Trigger pack (NOT Gen specific) and i am looking for a Stock (Shell only) as i want to duracoat one.... thanks!!!
  7. FN PS90
    Hey, What gen pack do I have, and how can you tell? I read the sticky and am confident that I know the answer to this question, but please, post away! I'd like to include a poll in the spirit of election day, but am having a problem with that. This is a good way to get post counts up for...
1-7 of 9 Results