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  1. FN SCAR 16S
    Let me give you some background. I've been around guns my entire life (mostly hunting). I kind of got out of it as college brain washed me. Later into my 20s, I started paying attention to the world and started building up a collection which has been quality > quantity. I try to only buy things...
  2. Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)
    Sold my Ruger LC9 and have the following items available for sale: (1) 7 rd. magazine with both flat and pinky extension floor plate $19.00 shipped Viridian ECR weapon light with batteries and two holsters. DeSantis RH OWB holster has internal magnet to turn light on automatically when pistol...
  3. SCAR Accessories, Scopes & Mods
    I just purchased the TLR-1 HP for my 16-s. I also bought the streamlight TLR pressure switch to go with it. It does not fit in the UTG vertical grip. I now know the grip is for the more.... shrink tube style switch. does anyone know 1. is it the same as a surefire switch? 2. What vertical...
1-3 of 3 Results