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Inside the box of my brand new five seveN IOM pistol, wich came with 10 round mags, being purchased in california I found the following notice;

"Only magazines designed for the five-seveN IOM and USG models will deactivate the magazine disconnect when the magazines are inserted into the pistol. Earlier production mags for the five seveN tactical model will not allow the pistol to fire if they are used with the five seven IOM/USG series pistols. "

Does this mean that if I should happen to move to a state that allows 20 round mags that they won't work?



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Nope, it just means don't use mags for the tactical Five-seveN in the IOM or USG models.

The original Five-seven is now discontinued. It has a double action only (DAO) trigger and no safety. This makes shooting slower and less accurate than with the newer single action variants of the Five-seven. It features a shaped trigger guard, designed to facilitate gloved use.

Five-seven Tactical
This model is identical to the original version, with the exception of the single action (SA) trigger and a safety device. The Five-seven Tactical is also increasingly hard to find.

Five-seven IOM Prototype
This model has the smooth rail found on the tactical model, but the serial number is on the rail. It has low profile adjustable sights. It has the magazine safety. It has the round trigger guard which is not lined. They are hard to find.

Five-seven IOM
The IOM model (for Individual Officer's Model) was the first publicly available variant, debuting commercially in 2004. The IOM is similar in its basic design to the original versions, but differs in that it has a different accessory rail, lined trigger guard outside edge, and adjustable sights. It also incorporates a magazine disconnect—this safety mechanism prevents the weapon from being fired without the magazine inserted.

Five-seven USG
The most recent version of the Five-seven, the USG. (United States Government) variant debuted in 2005 and replaced the IOM. The USG keeps the differences incorporated in the IOM, such as the magazine disconnect and adjustable sights, but has further modifications, including a conventionally-shaped (square) trigger guard, checkered grip pattern, and a larger, reversible magazine release.
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