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115 vs. 147 grain bullet

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just wondering, what are your opinions about 115 vs. 147 grain bullets. I have shot exclusively 115 gr., but I am thinking about running some 147 gr. range ammo. Thoughts and opinions are welcomed and encouraged.
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I neglected to read the entire thread but can tell you the 147gr was specifically designed for suppressed sub-machine guns aka MP-5 and the like and as such perform exceedingly well in suppressed platforms of the type. It is my belief that the 115gr is becoming a round of the past although there exist some dandy rounds of the weight to include but not limited to Corbon. The terminal performance of the 115gr is being sufficiently eclipsed by modern 124gr rounds which is what I feed my EDC/CCW. The added benefit of the 124gr is the ability to locate ballistically equivalent practice ammo to carry ammo which is not common with 115 & 147. Having said this the 147 is a decent round for use inside a home however I would not consider it for "street" SD usage no matter what any LE or other "experts" proclaim. If and when I suppress my G19 it will be fed 147 until then 124 rules the day.
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