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115 vs. 147 grain bullet

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just wondering, what are your opinions about 115 vs. 147 grain bullets. I have shot exclusively 115 gr., but I am thinking about running some 147 gr. range ammo. Thoughts and opinions are welcomed and encouraged.
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Typically 115's are cheaper and for plinking (as it sounds like your doing) cheaper is typically better since your not trying to shoot wings off a nat at 100 yards.
Ballistically they will both go through paper since the OP mentioned using the 147 for "range ammo" not home defense :wink:
One thing to remember, though--different bullet weights have different ballistic characteristics. It's not wise to practice with 115 gr bullets then use a heavier weight bullet for self defense. That's part of the reason that the FBI and other federal agencies practice with the same round that they carry.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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