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115 vs. 147 grain bullet

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just wondering, what are your opinions about 115 vs. 147 grain bullets. I have shot exclusively 115 gr., but I am thinking about running some 147 gr. range ammo. Thoughts and opinions are welcomed and encouraged.
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147's do indeed shoot nicely. I also don't recall hearing anything "bad" about street performance albeit not a lot of good either. Circling back, whatever the gun likes and the operator is comfortable and accurate with and there is a good supply of are all good considerations. Speaking of speed, I got it stuck in my small brain a long time ago that some of the street reported data of .357 mag 125grain JHP @ 1300-1400 fps was note worthy. A Winchester PDX1 124 grain 9mmis poking along at 1200 fps the Win PDX1 .357 125 grain @ 1325. One projectile is .355 the other .357. I am not saying that the 9mm is a direct replacement for the .357 as far as raw data goes, but it cuts close to a documented performer. I wouldn't expect to sell that to anyone, just an observation.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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