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I've seen both specials. The "Long Count" Mayan calendar will change over in 2012, which the Mayans, for some bizare reason, couldn't figure out what was beyond it. There was also references to astronomical cataclysms, asteroids or some such. According to the show, the Mayan calendar has predicted the more serious events of the past 2000 years, as each 52 year cycle has certain characteristics to it. Some say famine, some say war, some say rebirth, etc. It's kinda generic, sorta like John Edwards(psychic) scamming people into thinking he's speaking to the dead, but strangely fits history. That's the creepy part. I've wondered if Hillary gets elected and starts WWIII in 2012.
I've seen the one on magnetic shifts. It was interesting. The gist of it was, there have been numerous mag-shifts throughout geologic history, measured by drilling holes or such. It seems to happen in pockets at first, then every 600 years or such, the whole manetic field of the Earth flips for another 600. During the inter-phase time, more solar radiation gets through, the Aurora Borealis is visible further south, and sun-related cancers increase.
I was intrigued as to whether one of these pockets is what the Bermuda triangle was all about. That would explain why it seems to have faded in the past 30 years or so, but that's just wishful thinking.
The important thing we need to wonder about is whether such a shift would severely affect motors (making them run backwards, if even for moment), and navigation devices. What in our society is not dependant upon magnets?
Oh, and we are also waaay past due for the shift.
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