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Got back from my 2nd IDPA match! It is sooooo much fun I wonder why I didn't get into it sooner! :lol: . The group I was with wasn't as colorful like the first time I went, but we still had fun. At one stage you had to shoot the "leg" of a reaction target in order for it to drop, but the "leg" was a piece of steel 2" wide!!! and you had to hit it from 7yds away! One shooter kept missing and saying different things everytime he missed :lol: :lol: :lol: . I had the same trouble and was blaming the "wind" for making me miss :lol: .

HK is still running like a champ, still haven't cleaned her yet.

Next Sat. is the TX CHL and TX Gun Talk forum meet in Lockhart at the Lone Star Gun Range. I have 600 rounds of 40, 250 rounds of 9mm, 50 rounds of .223, 50 rounds of shottie and 100 rounds of 30-30. I'm going to get some more 9mm and maybe some 30-06 for a Garand that's going to be out there, I might also pick up some 45 as well.
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