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Recently I decided that I wanted to build a .300 BLK... What better way than than to do an Integrally suppressed style build?...

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Gun Firearm Airsoft Trigger Airsoft gun

.300 BLK: Seekins upper, PWS Lower, Noveske NSR 15", Troy flip-up BUIS, LMT SOPMOD stock, BCM keymod vertical grip (non quick detatch), 8.5" noveske .300 BLK barrel, AAC EVO-9 supressor, fixed barrel spacer, silencer store .300 adapter, Insight PEQ-15 ATPIAL, EOTech , Haley Strategic Keymod offset mount, Inforce WMLX, KNS pins, Barrel and supressor are completely welded together... no way of detatching the supressor from the barrel.

Glock 17 Gen 4: ZEV slim magwell, trijicon supressor sights, Storm Lake threaded barrel, ZEV Z4 race connector.

The only downside worth noting in my case is that I can only fire subsonics which I am totally fine with, because this cartridge was designed to be quiet. Accuracy is incredible! 3/4" group at 75 yards will post some target pics soon.
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