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Omega - SilencerCo Firearm Suppressors

guys talk me out of this......
I have a yankeehill Lta for my 17 but I saw this and I am soooo tempted. The brake that it comes with won't work with the scar barrel (already called silencerco and asked) but you can use the specwar flash hider. I want this can bc it is the same length as my existing 308 can and its 6 oz lighter. Which for my current 17 setup would be nice to lighten the weight of the rifle. It's just man more money to drop. The other thing is that proposed amendment to how suppressors have to be purchased. The batf is supposed to make a decision in May on whether or not that will be implemented.
ATF 41P delayed until 2015 :: SilencerNews.com
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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