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Now that we have 4,000 members, it is obvious the site has grown quite a bit.

It's been decided that we will open the site up - so, non members can read the forum, as most other gun discussion sites currently are set up this way.

We've bounced back and forth between being closed and open throughout the year - mainly because of the high number of lurkers who never join. And, participation seems to drop a bit, as members need not sign in to read (and, I assume are less likely to post a response because of this).

We're going to try this for 2 months straight as a trial, and will then decide at the end of January if this will stay a permanent thing.

Although, a couple of sections will still be members only (1 of which is the Site Announcements sections - so only members can get the discount codes for the sponsors that give member discounts).

Anyway, thanks for making this place such a great forum!
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