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40 cal Beretta PX4 review

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I picked up a Beretta PX4 in 40 cal this morning. Got it for $399 + tax. In my area, my local shop had it for $520, and Academy wanted $498 for one.

I have never owned a 40 cal before. I have prev put 1 mag thru a 40 cal PX4 in July 2006 - during the Beretta range day. At the time - I thought the recoil was very light for a 40 cal gun. The only other 40 cal I have I have shot was a Walther P99 in 40 cal.

I fired 200 rounds thru my PX4 - I REALLY like it. It is very accurate.

Now, I am used to shooting 200-250 rounds of 9mm when I go. At the 150 mark with the 40 cal, my hand was getting a little sore. And, shooters fatigue was setting in, because my grouping was not as good. Maybe I am a wuss - but remember, I've never fired this many rounds of 40 cal before.

Typically, when I start to get "shooter's fatigue" (from shooting too many rounds) - I start shooting low. And, that's what I did after a while. And, when I finished up shooting 50 rounds thru my HK USPc 9mm to test out a new mag spring - I could see I had the same pattern - so it as me..

But, I am very happy with the PX4 purchase. I like the gun a lot. I may stick to just firing 100 rounds thru it on a typical range session - at least for a while. But, I enjoyed it.

No problems whatsoever. And, in fact, at the show, I bought 2 extra extended mags. So, I have 4 mags now.

Only neg I can say - which isn't even that big of a deal - the front sight dot gets dirty pretty fast. I had to wipe it down a couple of times - to see it clearly at my dark, indoor range. Now that I am home - I notice that the luminescent dots don't glow as well as they did before I left. They aren't night sights, but I thought it was pretty kewl to see them glow for a while in a dark room. The front sight seems to have lost that ability. But no big deal...
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$399 damm
That's what I was thinking as well! :?
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