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Case trim length: .898"
Bullet: 200 grain RNFP .452 diameter
Primer: Win WLP
OAL: 1.115"
Powder: WIN WST 4.2 grains


WIN 231 4.5 grains.

This is just enough 'oomph' to cycle the slide reliably. This is also my favorite loadings for bullseye competetion. The only downside is that because of the extremely low pressure the gun gets really dirty, really fast, due to the brass not expanding much, and lots of gunk following the brass out during extraction. I have to clean the chamber and slide lock-up areas every 300-350 rounds to ensure the pistol goes back into batter. The neat thing is that the recoil is so light, its little more than a .38 special target load, or, practically nothing.

Do not attempt to go lower than 4.2 in WST or 4.4 in 231 or the slide will not cycle reliably.

If you are looking for a load that does NOT cycle the slide, I like the same combination of components above, but with 3.5 grains of WIN 231. Still enough power for 'wet work,' but without the added noise of the slide racking, and that pesky hard-to-find piece of brass flying around. And the neat thing is that because the slide doesn't cycle, the gun stays really clean. There is also no leading with any of these loads, when using a good, hard bullet like Meister Cast, Laser Cast.

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