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Roanoke, VA---

Hey guys---thought I'd just drop a quick line in here regarding the yearly fundraiser that I put together/direct. It's a law enforcement/military combat shoot to benefit Special Olympics. It IS open to the general public. We have a "Law Enforcement/Military" division and an "Open" division for civilian shooters. It's a 6-Stage combat shoot based on IDPA rules. I say that it's a "combat shoot" because you're bailing out of cars---shooting into cars, shooting/reloading on the move, clearing a ballistic shoothouse---the whole nine yards.

It's super-fun and it's sponsored by some of the biggest names in the firearms/tactical gear industry. In the preceding years we have had such sponsors as: Blackwater USA, Blackhawk Industries, ITT Nightvision, Storm Mountain Training Center, FNH-USA (yay!), Heckler & Koch, Beretta USA, CMCI (Colt), STI's Custom Gun Shop, Bushmaster, SigArms, Glock USA, Surefire, Streamlight, Leupold, Dri-Slide, EoTech, Trijicon, Bianchi, Dick Kramer Studios, MPro7, Militec, Armalube, Fobus, Blade-Tech, Safariland, XS Sights, 5.11 Tactical and literally dozens more.

If any of you guys are in the VA, MD, WV, NC, SC, PA, KY area, we would love to have you come down! More info can be found here:

Just click on the "Special Olympics Shoot" scheduled for September 23, 2006. It's a blast---free breakfast, free lunch (hamburgers/hot dogs) (the Hooters chicks will also be there giving out free wings). It's for a really great cause and we need all the support we can get. We usually get between 120-145 shooters. If our ammo sponsor comes through (it has for the past 3 years), the first 100 preregistered shooters get 100 rounds of ammo, FREE!

For any more info---PM me or email me:
[email protected]

Hope this was an okay post; some sites don't like advertising of this sort. If it is against posting guidelines---just delete it with my apologies.
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