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Does anyone know where I can pick up replacement parts for my IOM? Cleaning kit threads sheared off and is now useless and I don't have the sighting tool or lock that comes in the box. I know i can use other things but they don't carry the inherent coolness factor or ease of everything fitting in my box. I switched out my .45 lock because of the sweet FN logo and put it in with my 5-7 but I would like to have a complete 5-7 kit! Thanks for any input you all can give.

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The IOM cleaning kit is the exact same as the USG one minus the mag release tool.
The lock is also the same lock that they use for PS90s too.

You can try to contact FN for a new set or post a WTB ad in the FN Buy section of this forum.
I use to have several spare ones myself but I don't know where they are.
If I happen to find them, I'll let you know.
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