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5.7 mag spring issue

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Well was at the end of day one of a class and mag spring broke and mags wouldn't seat. Oh well. Used a sig 229 for day two. Will call FN tomorrow to get a replacement.

However I clearly saw one thing, weak hand shooting only, it was exceptionally hard to drop the mag, again weak hand only., using trigger finger. Is there a way, or third party that makes a mag release for both sides so I can drop either side? Yes in know I can move it to one side or the other. I want both sides availability. Thanks
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Called warranty and they wanted me to send the pistol in. Totally rude idiot. He placed me on terminal hold. Called back and got parts. She sent me out an updated button and spring. Should have it by the weekend.
Supposedly the original is plastic. The new one is metal. Also has a different button. Mine should be here Ina day or two and will take some pictures.
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