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5.7 mag spring issue

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Well was at the end of day one of a class and mag spring broke and mags wouldn't seat. Oh well. Used a sig 229 for day two. Will call FN tomorrow to get a replacement.

However I clearly saw one thing, weak hand shooting only, it was exceptionally hard to drop the mag, again weak hand only., using trigger finger. Is there a way, or third party that makes a mag release for both sides so I can drop either side? Yes in know I can move it to one side or the other. I want both sides availability. Thanks
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nope, factory release only. Which spring did you break? The updated one or the old one?
Yeah, just have to talk to the right person.. That's a part that does not require the pistol to be sent in.
The original spring is metal, the release button is plastic. New button is metal, and spring is a different design..
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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