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5.7x28 ar upper pre-order

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I got an email from military gun supply about a week ago telling me they are taking pre-orders now and will be shipping in about a month. I plan on buying one eventually, but I , well, I have no money! So it'll have to wait till tax return 2009. Even though some people may say "A 5.7 AR, why bother?" it is a good idea to get one. If it sells well, maybe another company may make a 5.7 rifle of some kind. Then another would follow and maybe another 5.7 hand gun would be born (hopefully more affordable than the five seven). Now someone else would noitice all these 5.7 weapons and start to make 5.7 ammo. Now it would be more available and maybe cost less. That would be sweet! Imagine ammo being everywhere! Just the other day I got lucky and found some at my local Sportsmans and bought the 3 they had. Now I have no food as I needed that $75 for groceries. But we've all been in that spot before. Priorities. Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up.
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I am very tempted by this receiver...I wonder if you can put it on an AR pistol lower and how that would do....
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