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510 Fail out of box.

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Picked up 510.Quality control failure.
Throat of barrel machine chatter.Looks like 5 yr old played with a dremel.
FN requested entire pistol sent in wtf. Called to double check.
Oh and trigger on 510 is average for a plastic pistol.
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Well that sucks. Mine has a good trigger landing somewhere between my Glocks and walthers. 100% function with pretty much perfect machining. Accuracy is great too. Did you buy online or in person at gun store? I always inspect my firearm before I do the paperwork. Or if I buy online I’ll reject it if it looks unsatisfactory. A pistol is a big purchase and deserves a good look over before you decide to spend your hard earned money and take possession. Let’s be honest, no firearm manufacturer is immune to letting a quality control failure slip through sometimes, it’s the nature of humans. As long as they make it right for you I think it should be forgiven. I’ve literally seen every gun manufacturer let a turd slip through the cracks as I frequent a lot of different gun forums when I have have idol time at work. Fn is no exception. Maybe you could post some pictures so we can see the 5 yr olds handiwork.
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