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I'll share my experience with PSA recently:

I saw the same deal a few weeks ago and decided that $10 a box was really a no-brainier. I ordered 36 boxes so I'd have some to shoot and a case of 500 to store. Took 7 days for them to ship but I figured I didn't need it in a hurry so no biggie. Took another 7 days to recieve it from UPS. Finally got it in hand and opened the box. Inside an extremely poorly packaged box were my 11 lose boxes of XM80 beat to piss (ammo still is in good shape) and a case of 500 rounds of American Eagle 223.

At at this point I'm a less than thrilled but mistakes happen. Due to my schedule getting to the UPS distribution depot in my area can be a little bit of a PITA so I wasn't looking forward to shipping back a case of ammo. I called PSA and they tell me that they are sorry for the mistake and send me a prepaid return label for the ammo I don't want and didn't order. I ask that they get my correct order out in the mail and I'm told that they will as soon as they recieve and verfy my return essentially holding my $250 dollar case of ammo for the $140 case the mistakenly sent me. So if history repeats itself I get to wait another 7 days for my ammo to ship back, 7-10 days for them to process my return and ship out my correct order, and another 7 days for shipping. So now my easy order of ammo is looking to take 35+/- days to get.

I found a coworker who wanted to buy the 223 case. So I call PSA back and ask it I pay for the ammo the mistakenly sent me if they could get my ammo shipped out sooner. They agree, offer me 10% off the 223 case and tell me that they will get the correct order processed and shipped out in 24 hours. This was Wednesday of last week and still no record of shipment of any kind but the sure we're quick to charge my CC for the case of 223.

I'll call tomorrow and I'm sure it will eventually work out in the end but I think this will be my first and last order through PSA. I've ordered approximately 10k rounds of ammo this year through several different companies and have never had an issue. Buyer beware: Just because a seller has the best price, it doesn't mean it's the best deal.
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