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92FS Police Special

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Picked up a 92FS police special yesterday.
Believe it or not, it's going to be my first 9mm.

The police special was $100 less then the regular 92, came with 3 mags instead of 2, and comes in a cardboard box like the M9 instead of a plastic case. The only other difference I could see was a duller finish on the slide to reduce glare.

I paid $500 which is excellent here in MD where a regular 92FS goes for $600-$650.

I'll post a picture when I pick it up after our great waiting period.
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Congrats. Berettas make nice handguns :grin:
Very nice. I've had a few 92s over the years - I may get another 1 of these days...
It's weird, when i first got into shooting i didn't like the 92 at all

Then i started hanging out at the Beretta forum and it grew on me.

I figure I should stock up on some all steel guns before that stop making them and go all polymer. I keep hearing rumors, though so far untrue, of the demise of the 92 for it's replacement the 90 Two - So i figured I'll just add it to my collection before I miss out.

I have yet to fire it, but I am already in love :)
Well, the discontinued the Inox, and there was talk at the end of 2006 that U'd only be able to buy the M9 (with the new rail) and the 90-Two. However, they backed away from that decision. The Inox is being made in limited #s now, and the standard 92 is still being made.

The 90-Two doesn't seem to be selling as well.

I don't like the polymer front strap on the 90-Two. I won a 90-Two at the Beretta Range Day (a national event at ranges all across the USA) in July 2006. I ended up selling the gun unfired (I have shot 1, however), and that paid for 1/2 of my PS90.

Had I not won the gun, I probably would not have a PS90.
The M9 is a ok pistol, I'm just not a fan of SA/DA pistols.
man i remember just a couple years ago berettas were 300 dollars
Adosh, Everything has gone crazy on price. I bought a Colt .45 Defender in 1994 for $400 while I was on leave in FLA visiting with my Parents. I went down their a couple of months age and the same gun in the same shop was $885
prices in Maryland are absurd.
Finding a 92FS for $500 was amazing.
Police 92FS

man i remember just a couple years ago berettas were 300 dollars
Here in Ohio you still can find in the $325-$350 range.
I bought one last year just like you got for $350 -w/ 3-mags.
It is one of my favorites! I started shooting ISPC with w/ one. Accurate as hell but had to double tap the steels! Went to .45acp after one year. But cutting my teeth with one was fun and the accuraccy impressed the guys holding the timer!
I got a 92F (Made in Italy) for my High School Graduation back in 1987. Die Hard made it the pistol to have. It cost $600 back then because they were hard to come by due to the Military contract. Carried it as my first year on the streets as a cop. Still have it but hardly ever shoot it anymore. Great pistol!!
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