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Photo's from a day at the range about a year ago. Me and my friends took over half the range for about 2 hours one day- 7 tables of loverly things that went bang.

We did this as a special occasion for Giles- a friend from the UK who came over for vacation one year. With the restrictive gun laws in Britain (which now includes props, replicas, etc) he has never fired a weapon. We brought him out here for a surprise and he was like "Oh, airsoft?", and we went "Nope- there real and you can shoot as much as you want." Of course he went straight for the .308 and 44 mags but we convinced him to start with the 22's and work up from there.

When we were done we all went out to lunch and asked Giles what he thought of shooting. He said it was more exciting then the first time he got the knickers off a girl.

The kid firing the suppressed MP-5 and P-22 is my son who is a really good shot!

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