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A5M XP cartridge ejection issue / receiver tail scarring

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Greetings all. I'm new to the form and am grateful for all of the knowledge on here - it's been beyond helpful.

I recently purchased an A5M XP 308 in 24" barrel. Absolutely love the rifle. I've shot about 100 rounds through the rifle and I've noticed some odd scarring on the face of the receiver tail, just behind the ejector port (see picture). I've never experienced this from a bolt action rifle and I can only assume that it is from cartridge contact after ejection. Has anyone else on here experienced this? The extractor works well - throws the case several feet and the scarring seems to happen regardless of how far the cartridge is ejected. I'm firing brass cased American Eagle/Federal 150 GR boat tail rounds. Thanks for any info/shared experiences! Machine tool Machine Metal Milling Trigger
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It defiantly looks like brass transfer from the mouth of spent casings contacting the receiver, I've seen it on other rifles but not on my A5M. I would imagine based on my experience the brass transfer would come off with a little cleaner.

I'd cycle a spent case slowly and see how long the extractor is hanging onto the case, then also place a piece of black electrical tape on the rear of the receiver and cycle the action with the spent case quickly to see if it leave a mark on the tape.
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