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  • Microtech STG-556

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  • FN FS2000

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  • Sig 556

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  • SCAR-L

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  • MASADA -Magpul-Bushmaster

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  • Stick to the Plan-Buy FiveSeven and Eotech for PS90

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About to buy: Looking at FS2000 / MSAR STG-556 / SCAR-L

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As it states, I am about to buy one these.

I have managed to save up here and there (sold a few collectables as well) and now my savings just ran past getting a FiveSeven, which was my original plan.

Now I am looking at getting something that shoots .223. I really want something solid and upgradeable. I really don't want future problems. As I see it these are my current possibles in order-

Microtech STG-556- in my price range, proven platform and updated. Made here in US, can be converted to shoot 6.8 SPC as well. Cheap mags and can add on rails.

FS2000- Great Platform upgrades possible, not that it needs it. Price is a factor as well and have not seen one in person, so I am worried since I don't have monster long arms.

Sig 556 - I have read the other links here and I have held one. Great gun but a few draw backs made it drop to this spot.

Scar-L - not here yet which is why it's 4th, but I do want one. It may be out of my price range if the rumors that say it may run over 3K are true.

Masada - by Magpul and Bushmaster, I want one but cost and when is it coming??

HK 416- again when is it coming.

So please any comments of personal experience with any of these would be great. If you can give a general idea when the Masada may come out?
My $$$ is burning hole in my pocket but I want to be happy with my purchase. I am leaning toward the Microtech due to price and the Unique look of the weapon.
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Promoted Pawn said:
The five seven pistol is expensive to buy just to have it. I say don't spend the money unless you will actually carry the pistol, or shoot it often.
Yes, this is true. I rarely shoot mine - and I never intended to carry it when I bought it. I've been tempted to sell it a time or two - but have decided to keep it - as one day in the future, I may be glad i held onto it (unless that pesky 12-21-2012 thing happens :lol: )
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