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How about an AK pic thread, I looked around and didn't find any.

There were different separate article AK threads but not a specific pic thead for all AK and variants.

AK variants like Galils and Valmet are also welcomed.

Lets see some AKs!

PolyTech '89 AKS-762 side folder with red plastic stock and US made AK-74 type brake imported by KFS

PolyTech exported a rare version of the 56-2 type rifle with a longer Galil type skeleton stock. Model AKS47/2 '89 KFS import with factory vented handguard and AK-74 type muzzle brake

PolyTech '88 AKS-762 from factory 386 with wood stock and folding spike bayonet which was the most typical AK model

IMI '89 Galil AR model 16" barrel imported by Action Arms - shown with 50 rd mag
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