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Almost picked up a 3rd Gen S&W semi auto today

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I forget all the model #s, but my local shop has had a 15 round, 4" barrelled S&W stainless semi-auto sitting there for a long time. As these guns have been discontinued not too long ago, I kinda want one now.

I was up there comparing the FNP45 to the XD45, and I remembered the gun - It is $100 off, so it's like $430.

Anyway, it has a bit of surface rust on it - Just barely. The salesguy got some flitz and polished the slide up beautifully.

However, there were some spots on teh frame he couldn't get off. If he could have gotten the frame to look as nice as the slide, I was going to buy it. Oh well...

I knew my wife was gonna be upset anyway :x

At the next gunshow I go to, I may look at those, if I can find a NEW one in 9mm. If so, I'll put off the XD45 purchase for a while.
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I bought a used 406 back in 2000 and recently sold it. I never had a problem with it. No FTF, FTE, stovepiping or anything else. Kinda wish I hadnt sold it now.
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