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Aloha all!

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Long time firearms enthusiast and FNX/FNS owner. I'm finally getting around to joining the FN forum after finding a lot o great info regarding the SCAR, which I should be picking up sometime next week (SCAR 16). Looking forward to learning a bunch and the camaraderie of owners/fellow enthusiast.

Great to be here, Ahui hou!

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Welcome to the fun. Best start saving for the 17. You'll want one after shooting the 16.
Welcome and congrats on the 16!
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your 16!
Welcome from South Carolina.
LOL, a chilly 70 at night ;)

Big mahalo for the welcome all, just ordered a SpecterDR from KERIF for it (16s) based on all the good info I've found here. Thanks again!

Welcome!!! :)
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