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The topic came up on another forum, and I posted an example of the bill of sale I always make whenever I sell a gun. I thought it was worth mentioning here too...

Whenever I sell a gun, I make the following bill of sale, and I keep a copy, and give them a copy. I then keep it forever in my safe deposit box. (remember, everything would be centered and in nice text on the original - I can't work the spacing too well on the forum - but you get the idea). The following is from my last sale - I just took out some of the personal info....


On February ____, 2007, I, __________ received the sum of $615.00 from: __________________________________ towards the purchase of Glock 34 9mm handgun, Serial # __________. The pistol also includes three 17-round magazines, a Glock Tactical light, and the plastic case.

It is being sold as is with no warranty expressed or implied. The owners manual is also being supplied to familiarize the purchaser with the safe operation of said handgun.

It is also being sold with the understanding that the purchaser is not prevented by any Local, State, or Federal laws from purchasing or owning a handgun.

Seller/CHL #

Buyer/DL(or CHL) #
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