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Survey: Americans no longer most irritating tourists
July 11th, 2008 @ 8:18am
By Tom Callan

Americans are no longer number one. A new international survey says we've been replaced by the French as the most obnoxious, irritating tourists.

What about visitors to Salt Lake City? One of the doormen at Little America says he sees few French with attitude.

"I've found them to be very happy and nice. I haven't had any problems with them at all," he said.

But he adds our neighbors to the north, especially the French Canadians, are a different story.

"They're very demanding. They want us to help them right away, which is fine and not a big deal," he told us.

He says they never say "Thank you." But another bellhop disagrees.

"I don't think you can generalize people just by a couple of people you meet," he said.

The survey found the Japanese to be the most polite. It also says the French do a better job than Americans when it comes to budgeting for vacations.


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Worse than Sheriff J.W. Pepper even? Say it ain't so!


Sheriff J.W. Pepper : "I knew it! You pordy heads have no more idea of traffic control than a goony bird" (laughs)

Sheriff J.W. Pepper looks at an elephant

Sheriff J.W. Pepper : "Get you're cotton picking snores out of my pants you know! Boy you's is ugly!"

Sheriff J.W is pushed into the water by the elephant

Sheriff J.W. Pepper's Wife : "J.W. where are you?"

Bond is about to draw his gun on Scaramanga

Francisco Scaramanga : "I wouldn't do that either, look behind you, lower"

Bond notices Scaramanga's henchman Nick Nack

James Bond : "A gun and a bag of peanuts how original. What will they think of next"

Sheriff J.W. Pepper: "How's about my demonstration boy"

James Bond : "Certainly sir!"

Sheriff J.W Pepper : "What the hell is going on?"

Sheriff J.W. Pepper : "Now! I know you!"

James Bond : "Oh no"

Sheriff J.W. Pepper : "You're that secret agent. That English secret agent from England"

Sheriff J.W. Pepper : "Nearest bridge is 2 miles back. God damm! What the? What's going on? What the hell you doing now boy. The bridge is that way!"

Bond spots an old ramp bridge with the middle part missing

Sheriff J.W. Pepper : "You're not thinking"

James Bond : "I sure am boy! Ever heard of Evil Canevil?"

Sheriff J.W Pepper : "I've never done that before!"

James Bond : "Well neither have I actually"


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eeek....the french :evil: :evil: :roll:
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