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AmeriGlo Weapon Sights--your input????

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I would like to get some info on (AmeriGlo Weapon Sights) mainly interested on the front sight-night vision-(not fiberRod)
I want to use the sight mainly for daytime use for quick sight acquisition--
saw a great article with a weapon set up this way---for rear sights they used (non night vision) deep notch--
Your thoughts, results, pro or con are greatly appreciated.

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Check out the Trijicon HD night sights. I have them on my Glock 19. Large night sights with large orange ring around front tritium vile. My FNS 9 came with Trijicon night sights that had the white ring around the front tritium vile. Good sights, but I painted the front blade with Testors Florescent Orange Paint. Now I have the night sights plus a large bright orange front sight for quick daytime acquisition.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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