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AmeriGlo Weapon Sights--your input????

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I would like to get some info on (AmeriGlo Weapon Sights) mainly interested on the front sight-night vision-(not fiberRod)
I want to use the sight mainly for daytime use for quick sight acquisition--
saw a great article with a weapon set up this way---for rear sights they used (non night vision) deep notch--
Your thoughts, results, pro or con are greatly appreciated.

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I've had sight configurations with a front night sight only, but I don't like that. That's fine for horizontal alignment, but a rear sight is more necessary for vertical alignment at night in my opinion (though it may not sound intuitive at first). I'm also one of those guys who is always in search of the perfect setup, but I just bought an FNS with factory night sights and guess what? They're good enough, and I was pleasantly surprised. I built up in my head how much I wanted this or that, but you can get used to anything. The problem with Ameriglo is that they're inconsistent and have no clue about maintaining a website. They only show pictures on certain items, and they're constantly discontinuing certain models. How are they supposed to know what sells? Are people supposed to guess at what all those skus look like that they don't have pictures for? I think it's laziness. If they were working for me I'd fire them.

That said, I think their best sight configuration is a very specific one that I only see available in the S&W M&P line. It's a lime green iDot Pro with a u-shaped notch in the back with a single tritium dot and no white outline on the rear sight (so it's subdued during the day). The back sight is also ledged. I love that sight, but I've given up on Ameriglo because they can't manage their marketing department well enough to know what they should be making.
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Another problem is the lack of serrations on the front and/or back sight on Ameriglos, or any pistol manufacturer for that matter. The one fault with my stock FNS 9c night sights is that the rear sight is serrated but the front is not. I was in my livingroom last night and I noticed how it really does make a difference. The black portion of the front sight was washed out in moderate to low light in the room while the black in the rear sight provided a lot of contrast. I could still see the tritium of the front sight, but he white part outlining it was hard to see in contrast to the rest of the sight. Not a big deal, but a simple one to remedy, so for the aftermarket folks out there, if they don't have serrated front and rear sights, then they're not serious competitors in my opinion.
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